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In your opinion, does this strategy address key needs in global health? If you thought there were any diagnostic gaps or trends that were missing, could you tell us what they are and why you think they are important for FIND to consider?
Which parts of the strategy do you think are the strongest for addressing diagnostic gaps? Which parts do you think are weaker and what do you think could be done to strengthen those?
How well does the strategy match your perception of FIND’s strengths and capabilities? Do you think we could do more to maximise FIND’s impact in the selected areas? Are there other areas you think that FIND should look at instead?
How well do you think the proposed partnership approach would work? Do you have any concerns about the structure of the partnership model or the suggested groups of partners? Is there anyone else we should consider working with?
Given the economic downturn, what do you think will be the appetite to fund this strategy?
Is there anything else that FIND should consider to increase the likelihood of success of this new strategy?

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