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To assist the World Bank's member countries in the MENA region with navigating the complexity of vaccine planning and deployment, the World Bank MENA team will hold a series of virtual workshops in January and February to bring the best of global thinking in vaccine deployment. 

Please confirm your attendance for each of the seven workshops below by January 22, 2021. We thank you in advance for your input and participation. 

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January 26th (8am-9:30am EST): Introduction and Vaccination strategies
Share best practices and lessons learned from current COVID vaccination efforts and provide tools and practical suggestions for planning under extreme uncertainty
January 28th (8am-9:30am EST): Vaccine Financing
Provide estimates of the total costs for vaccine procurement and distribution and help countries assess key options and tradeoffs for mobilizing domestic and external funds
February 2nd (8am-9:30am EST): Procurement and Distribution Network
Discuss delivery implications of the emerging portfolios and share key considerations for different distribution network archetypes emerging around the world
February 4th (8am-9:30am EST): Supply Chain Readiness
Discuss key supply chain challenges across the emerging portfolio of vaccines and share potential public and private sector solutions for augmenting existing supply chain capacity
February 9th (8am-9:30am EST):  Administration & Follow-up
Share levers for rapidly expanding healthcare workforce capacity; for enhancing data systems required for beneficiary identification, second dose tracing, and pharmacovigilance; and for building increased community engagement
February 11th (8am-9:30am EST): Vaccine Costing Approaches
Discuss key drivers and trade-offs impacting procurement and distribution costs, along with practical guidance on utilizing costing tools
February 16th (8am-9:30am EST): Wrap-up & Thinking to the Future
Share key learnings and discuss path forward, including adaptation, linking vaccination to the broader COVID-19 response and health system strengthening
Are there particular issues related to COVID vaccine roll-out that you would like covered during these workshops?

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