Standards for Sustainable Trade and Sustainable Trade Finance

Global trade is a key engine of economic development. And yet today, we are only just beginning to understand what that means for trade globally, or what sustainable trade transactions look like on the ground. While a number of related standards for sustainable goods and services and financial products exist, none are readily adapted to robustly define and demarcate sustainable trade.    
The ICC established a programme in September 2021 to start the journey of defining and setting the standards for sustainable trade, in a manner that is practical, comprehensive, and provides sufficient transparency into the sustainability of a transaction.

A high-level positioning paper for further industry engagement has been published by the ICC at COP26 in November 2021. This survey intends to gather feedback, comments and challenges on this release. You will be prompted to add your contact details at the start of this survey should you want to remain posted on the standards and their development. Please note that this is optional, and regardless your responses will be kept anonymous. 

Completing this survey will take you about 15 minutes. Please feel free to skip questions that are not directly related or of interest to you. 

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The ICC Sustainable Trade Definitions & Standards Task Force

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