Teacher Survey 

We would like to better understand teachers' needs and objectives with regards to Engineering outreach (and STEM outreach more broadly), as well as get your input on how to best match future outreach offerings in order to increase engagement.

Responses captured in this survey will be treated anonymously. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
We thank you for your time and deeply value your input.

All questions below apply specifically to any STEM Enrichment & Enhancement (E&E) outreach programme or activity offered to students by an external provider (employer, university, charity or professional institute) beyond the given school curriculum, with the aim of promoting science, technology (including ICT), engineering or mathematics.

Activities include (and are not limited to):
• Work experience
• Field trip
• Site visit
• Attend a local or national fair
• Presentation / talk
• Project or hands-on activity
• Workshop


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