The BCG Artificial Intelligence Quiz

By Philipp Gerbert, Jan-Hinnerk Mohr, Friederike Reuter, and Michael Spira

AI has gone mainstream, but do you really understand what may turn out to be the most transformative technology of your lifetime? The field is populated with stubborn myths and unexpected realities. Discerning the difference will let you harness the technology effectively.
The BCG Artificial Intelligence Quiz both tests your knowledge and provides a quick but comprehensive tour of the field—everything from the definitions, properties, potential, and limitations of AI to business applications, human interactions, and competitive advantage. 

To take the test, answer “true” or “false” to 21 statements. Most of the statements are false, so we are rewarding correct identification of true statements (three points) and penalizing incorrect selection of true statements (minus one point). We are not awarding or subtracting any points for correct or incorrect selection of false answers because there are so many of them. (You will receive a score even if you don’t respond to all the statements.) At the end of the quiz, you will find a handy list of publications, websites, and videos, organized by topic, if you want to explore AI in greater depth.