South Carolina Act 60 Public Comment Box

In May 2023, the South Carolina General Assembly approved Act 60. One key aspect of this legislation is to review and recommend ways to improve public health services delivered by state agencies.

To help achieve this, the South Carolina Department of Administration seeks feedback on the missions, delivery models and organizational structures of all state agencies concerned with the overall public health of South Carolina.

This analysis is focused on specific populations including, but not limited to, children, pregnant women, the elderly, individuals living with physical and intellectual disabilities, those facing mental health challenges, the chronically ill and veterans.

We want to understand all the interactions—from beginning to end—you or those in your care experience when seeking and using health services through the state. Your feedback and suggestions are important and will help inform recommendations to improve health care services and health care services delivery in South Carolina. 

This form should take approximately five minutes to complete, and responses will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. Nov. 17, 2023.

Thank you for your time and input.


2. Do your comments and suggestions relate to healthcare needs and/or experiences of specific populations or individuals with the conditions outlined below?

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