December 2021 AA-ISP Benchmarking Survey
COVID Retrospective: Seller Survey

Thank you for agreeing to take this survey.  It should take 5-10  mins to complete.

This survey is being sent to sales organizations to understand company policies and employee sentiment around COVID response, vaccination mandates and return-to-work policies. All responses are confidential, anonymized, and will be reported only in the aggregate (with minimum number of responses of ≥ 5). 

Responses to the questions below will be used only for analysis purposes and will not be personally identifiable in any of the findings shared. Please do your best to answer these questions as they will help us analyze the data. However, they are optional, and you will be allowed to proceed if you are not able to respond

What was the total revenue in your company in 2020? 
What industry does your company belong to? 
What best describes your role? 
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