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We highly appreciate you taking the time to complete this gender diversity employee survey for the oil and gas industry. Your data is confidential and will only be reported as aggregate.

This survey is a part of Untapped Reserves – a collaboration between World Petroleum Council (WPC) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and the only global oil and gas focussed gender study. The first edition of this report was published in 2017, and the 2nd edition will be launched in December 2021 at the 23rd World Petroleum Congress. The study will be repeated every three years to monitor the industry’s progress towards gender equality. 

Hearing from you is critical to:
• Identify the progress made in D&I since 2017
• Draw out true-to-reality challenges that remain 
• Understand the impact of COVID-19
• Deep dive into the regional/cultural nuances that impact D&I
• Develop an evidence-based action plan for the oil and gas industry to address gender gap

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at WPC@bcg.com
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