Are You Ready for Quantum Computing? 

Learn the latest by taking the BCG Quantum Test

By Philipp Gerbert and Frank Ruess

Quantum computing has disruptive potential. And, after steep advances in recent years, it is receiving significant government and business investments. 

As a tech-savvy businessperson, you might understand that quantum computers can harness the unusual properties of matter at the nanoscopic level to perform complex calculations beyond the realm of existing computers. But as claims regarding the power and pitfalls of quantum computing mushroom, you need to be able to discern myth from reality if you are to leverage quantum computing for business. 
The following test serves as a check of your knowledge while providing a quick tour of this promising, but nascent, field. 
It covers the basic mechanisms of quantum computing and quantum speedup, internet security and implications, as well as typical “quantum overselling.” We also assess the ways in which quantum can avoid the fate of analog computing, the validity of hardware and software claims, the consequences for blockchains and cryptocurrencies, and the link to artificial intelligence. We conclude by reviewing future applications and what to expect in the next few years.

(For an in-depth evaluation of the current state of quantum computing business applications, see: "The Next Decade in Quantum Computing, and How to Play or download the PDF")
To take the test, just answer “true” or “false” to 12 statements. You’ll get an explanation each time plus one point if you chose the right response. At the end, you can assess your overall understanding of the power and pitfalls of quantum computing.