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Excellence in Support Functions (ESF) – Cost Excellence: Approach, Recent Case Example and our New Initiative
Friday, November 7th (9AM Boston, 3PM Paris)
Facilitators: Martin Twesten, Stefano Bianchi

Excellence in Support Functions (ESF) is both a holistic and modular approach to optimize efficiency and effectiveness of the activities performed within the support functions, such as Finance, HR, Marketing & Sales, that can easily replicated also within the Business Units, such as engineering and R&D activities. In this virtual training session, Stefano and Martin present our comprehensive Cost Excellence approach which includes a consideration of both personnel and non-personnel costs to address the full improvement potential. They will share existing diagnostic methodologies / tools and their application based on a recent case experience.
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What Lies Ahead in Transaction Banking - Insights from BCG's Global Payments Model
Monday, November 10th (11AM Boston, 5PM Paris)
Facilitators: Gero Freudenstein, Maarten Peeters, Alenka Grealish

Our clients have an immense opportunity in transaction banking and payments-related businesses over the next decade:  over a trillion dollars of revenue growth is up for grabs. In this VT, we will share our insights into key trends, including the strongest pockets and the biggest challenges and underlying drivers across regions. We will discuss how to differentiate glitter from gold in innovative payments methods, share our perspectives on how to create value in the new regulatory environment as well as how to leverage digitization in wholesale transaction banking.
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Longevity: Insights from the World's Most Durable Companies
Tuesday, November 18th (11AM Boston, 5PM Paris)
Facilitators: Martin Reeves, Thijs Venema, Lisanne Pueschel

Compared to other man-made institutions, companies have never lived long. While businesses active in the mid-20th century at least had roughly human life spans, life expectancy for companies today has more than halved: few will stick around long enough to reach their 30th birthday. We all talk a lot about the pace of today's world and the need for agility to adapt to short-term challenges. But has this tightening focus on near-term risks possibly endangered long-term health? And what can we learn from those companies that beat the odds and outperformed consistently across a lengthy timescale? In this session, Martin, Thijs, and Lisanne from BCG's Strategy Institute aim to de-average the key drivers of decreasing company longevity and extract success factors from the world's most durable businesses.
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Dueling With Dragons 2.0
Monday, November 24th (9AM Boston, 3PM Paris)
Facilitators: Niki Lang, Peter Ullrich, Christian Moldenhauer

The competition between rising emerging market companies and established multinationals remains on top of the CEO agenda. More challengers are becoming global leaders themselves. Growth in emerging markets is slowing, and costs are rising. And the competitive landscape is getting tougher for everybody.

Following our successful Global Advantage study 'Dueling with Dragons' in 2011, Niki, Peter and Christian will highlight trends in the automotive supplier, construction equipment and chemicals industry. Join us to get insights on the competitive landscape, levers of competitive advantage, and options to react, which we developed through more than 60 interviews with experts and top executives.
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