Women Want More

Welcome to the Women Want More survey. This data from this survey forms the basis for our book. We invite you to take this survey, and at the end you’ll have the opportunity to compare your answers to those from our global database.

Please note: the survey is for women only

On average, how many hours per week do you work (either working outside of the home or at a home-based business)?

I do not work outside of the home or at a home-based business
Less than 20 hours
20 to 30 hours
30 to 40 hours
40 to 60 hours
Over 60 hours per week

On average, how many hours per week do you spend on the following activities?
Watching television
Using the Internet (non-work related)
Personal hygiene / Grooming
Grocery shopping
Shopping for myself (eg, clothes / shoes)
Shopping for others / household
Exercising or practicing sports
Caring for children/school or child activity
Hobbies/Personal activities
Household maintenance (ie, repairs, gardening, etc.)
Family Activities
Volunteer activities

Who is responsible for the following household responsibilities? (Select all that apply)
Yourself Significant other/partner Children Parents/
Paid help Sibiling (brothers/sisters) Roommate Other Not applicable
Meal preparation
Grocery Shopping
Pet Care
Child Care
Car care
Lawn Care
Home repair
Household admin (eg, bill paying)


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